Norwegian Natural Salmon Poke Cubes 

 • Superior Quality Premium Norwegian Salmon 

• Cut from Fresh Raw Sashimi Grade Material
   Never from Frozen 

• Natural, Hand Cut Appearance 

• Antibiotic, Hormone and GMO Free 

• IQF for easy preparation 

Storm Salmon is harvested from the cold, clear waters
of Norway. 

Our Authentic Norwegian Salmon is renowned for its delicate flavor, rich color and delectable texture. 

Our salmon cubes come in 2 sizes: Small-3/8”x3/8” (1x1cm) and Medium-5/8”x5/8”(1.6x1.6cm).

The natural thickness of the fillet determines the height of the cube. Measures represent the median size, some deviation will occur.

Fillets are deep skinned, with a maximum allowable fat
line of 3cm. 

Available in Vac Pak or IQF 

With our Norwegian Salmon Poke Cubes, you are guaranteed a quality product with consistent supply and easy to use cubes for all your Poke recipes 

Making Poke Just Got a lot easier! 

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