Some of the pieces of Ocean Storm® Salmon may have less color and uniformity than our premium spec. (Ocean Storm® measures a minimum of 12+ on the Roche Scale while our normal spec calls for 14+). The trim may also be a little more liberal allowing for tail cut of 3cm opposed to 5cm on our premium product. Taste, uniformity of cut, weight tolerance on the portion (+/- 0.5 oz) and everything else is the same as our premium spec. 

The lesser color is due to less pigmentation in the meat. In order for salmon to attain its red/pink color, it needs to eat shrimp or other crustaceans. A substance in the shrimp peel called astaxanthin, which the salmon metabolizes, turns the flesh red/pink. In our salmon farms we use astaxanthin in the salmon feed to bring out the red/pink color. If the salmon has been fed too little astaxanthin it will have a lighter color, and if it has had no access to astaxanthin it would be off-white. 

Norwegian Salmon is special because it has a higher fat content than other salmon. Typically Norwegian salmon has 18% fat, while Chilean Atlantic salmon has 13- 14%. This makes a big difference in taste, flavor and mouth feel, and lets the taste of spices or sauces linger longer in the mouth to give an enhanced taste sensation. Norwegian farm raised salmon is produced in an eco-friendly manner using feed from fish oil, fishmeal and natural ingredients only. We use no hormones, and there is minimal use of antibiotics in the Norwegian salmon farming industry. 

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