Storm frozen Trim-D salmon fillets offer versatility and can be sold as whole fillets, cut into portions and loins and used for sushi/sashimi. The skin is excellent for production of sushi rolls, and can be made deliciously crisp on a grill. 


Storm salmon is farm raised in the cold, clean waters of Norway. The life cycle of each salmon is thoroughly documented, from the origin of the egg, through processing and to your door. The fish is fed 100% natural ingredients from fish oil and fish meal. Every shipment is furnished with a certificate of sanitation/microbiology and temperature at the time of core freezing. Our products meet all FDA requirements for freezing as well as HACCP regulations. We also have BRC certification. 

Norwegian salmon is special because it has higher fat content than other salmon. Typically, Norwegian salmon has 18% fat while Chilean salmon has 13-14%. This makes a big difference in the taste, flavor and mouth feel, and lets the taste of spices or sauces linger longer in the mouth to give an extra taste sensation. 

Norwegian salmon is produced in an eco-friendly manner, no hormones are used and there is minimal use of antibiotics in the Norwegian salmon farming industry.